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Will the launch of Resolution Together bring in a new era of discussion and communication?

Everyone is an individual and there is no ‘one size fits all’ in family law.  This is the reason for the launch of ‘Resolution Together.’

Modern family law firms offer people a range of different approaches to resolve the issues arising from their relationship breakdown outside of the traditional court route.  These include the use of mediation, family collaborative law,  arbitration and  early neutral evaluation.

However, as society and modern family life continues to change, the family law profession continues to evolve to meet their needs.

This was reflected by the recent introduction of no fault divorce on 6 April 2022 which had been campaigned for, for many years by Resolution (a professional body of family law professionals committed to work with families and individuals to resolve disputes stemming from family breakdown in a non-confrontational way).

Resolution continues to work hard to keep driving family law services forward for the benefit of families and in particular children who are affected by family breakdown.  A large part of their efforts is finding new ways to integrate family law services to provide a more fluid and responsive process for everyone involved.

Their next step has been to launch ‘Resolution Together’.

What is Resolution Together?

Resolution Together is a new advice based approach for people who want to work together to achieve a consensual outcome if their relationship breaks down.

It provides couples, in appropriate circumstances and who are not in conflict, with the ability to consult a single family law professional to provide advice to them, so they can work out an outcome together which meets their needs and if there are children, the needs of their children.

Family law professionals must be able to suggest alternative approaches as appropriate.  They need to be ready to help people to find the right solutions for them.  This has to involve discussion and communication, not simply funneling clients towards a more acrimonious break up with all the stress and cost which tends to accompany it.

Of course, we understand that in some cases court proceedings will be necessary, but discussion and communication should always be encouraged whenever it is possible and/or suitable.

Collins & Hoy aim to remain at the forefront of family law services.  Our family team is committed to find ways to provide families with positive solutions including adopting the Resolution Together model as soon as it is rolled out.  We will provide updates on this new initiative as it develops.

If you would like to discuss any family or relationship issues in total confidence, please email a member of our family team on family@collinshoy.com or call us on 020 8866 1820.