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If you need to review your Will, please don’t wait for the next Update Your Will Week!

In March 2022, Solicitors for the Elderly launched Update Your Will Week because the research they commissioned showed 47% of people in the UK haven’t updated their will for more than five years.

We would always recommend everyone should review and update their Will every five years or if there’s been a major change in their life (for example, you have got married or divorced, had a baby or there has been a death in the family).

Why is it important to review your Will before Update Your Will Week?

The SFE survey also revealed one in ten British families (11%) have been caught out by a ‘bad Will’, a Will that is either out of date or has been badly drafted.

In addition, only 16% of people knew that remarrying invalidates a Will, only 31% knew stepchildren won’t be included unless it’s stipulated in the Will and 17% of respondents thought all you had to do to update a Will was to make changes on the original document then initial them.

With so many misunderstandings surrounding Wills, it is essential you review your Will with an experienced and accredited lawyer.

During the meeting you will be able to bring your document up to date in line with any changes to your and your family’s situation.

You can highlight (and remedy) potential issues before they affect your family and friends.

Most importantly, you will leave absolutely sure everything you want to happen when you pass will be done according to your exact wishes.

If you feel it’s time to review and update your Will please don’t wait until next year’s Update your Will Week.  Contact us today and we will arrange a meeting at the time and location most convenient to you.