How has COVID affected the divorce process?

Even before the recent pandemic, the family courts were stretched and backlogs were starting to build up.  During the crisis the situation predictably worsened and as solicitors and the courts tried to work out how best to manage the restrictions and meet the needs of our clients, the delays worsened and proceedings have become even more protracted. To complicate matters … Read More

A brand new online service brings Lasting Power of Attorney right up to date

On the 17th July the Office of Public Guardian (OPG) unveiled their new digital ‘Use a lasting power of attorney’ tool.  It is designed to make it easier for the family members and friends who have been given Lasting Power of Attorney to increase the speed at which they can make vital decisions relating to property, care arrangements and finances … Read More

How has COVID affected the probate process?

At the moment there is a lot of talk in the media about just how long it is taking to process a probate claim. While COVID-19 has obviously played a part in the slowdown, the delays arguably started before the pandemic. In 2019 there was a huge rise in the number of probate applications as people sought to beat the … Read More

If you’re part of an unmarried couple that wants to take full advantage of the new stamp duty cuts, should you have a cohabitation agreement?

The Chancellor’s recent decision to increase the basic stamp duty threshold to £500,000 has injected a much needed new lease of life into the residential property market. Many buyers will be families, married couples or those in a civil partnership.  However, it’s highly likely a fair number will be unmarried couples who, having been forced to wait patiently during the … Read More

How will the new cuts to stamp duty affect you?

This week the Chancellor announced homebuyers won’t need to pay stamp duty on the first £500,000 of a property’s purchase price.  It is a measure that will stay in place until April 2021 in a bid to keep the housing market moving. At the moment, a buyer would start paying stamp duty on everything over £125,000 (or £300,000 for first-time … Read More