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Welcome to Collins & Hoy … Daniel Haygarth!

We’d like to welcome Daniel Haygarth, who’s joined Collins & Hoy as our new Legal Assistant.

Before joining Collins & Hoy, Daniel worked for local government in the Lake District where he operated primarily in their Housing department.  During that time Daniel moved between Homelessness, Housing Standards and Affordable Housing before settling in the Disabled Facility Grants service.

His hugely varied time with the Housing department allowed Daniel to experience a wide range of subject matter and client demands and it is an experience that Daniel looks back on with enormous fondness:

“Supporting all these services was incredibly rewarding and provided me with a skill set centred around tackling the various housing issues faced by individuals.”

However, as Daniel will be starting the final year of his Batchelor of Laws – a qualification he has been studying for part-time over the last five years – he made the very admirable decision to accelerate his legal career and move to London and find a position in the legal sector.

Even with a new job in a London law firm and graduation coming up fast, Daniel’s academic ambitions are still very much alive.  He has already told us he intends to continue his legal studies and complete the LPC MSc. while he gains more first-hand experience of working with and looking after our clients.

And his role as a Legal Assistant is certainly providing this experience.  It is a very varied position.  In any day Daniel can find himself opening new files and onboarding new clients, drafting of contracts and other legal documents, registering changes and transfers in title through the Land Registry, assisting the solicitors with the exchange of contracts, drafting transfer deeds and acting as witness for client signings, providing prospective clients with quotes for our services and generally helping them through the house buying process.

As you can tell from these duties Daniel is primarily working in our property team but is hoping to assist the other teams in the near future particularly as he has taken part in and won several mooting competitions and would like to apply these skills to real life litigation.

Incredibly, although this exhausting combination of work and study keep Daniel exceptionally busy, he still likes to keep his mind active away from the office.  Not only is he a keen chess player, but he also has a passion for writing and hopes to publish his first book within the next few years.

We would like to warmly welcome Daniel Haygarth to the Collins & Hoy team and look forward to helping him develop what we know will become an exciting and successful legal career.