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This week was the latest National Conveyancing Week

The inaugural National Conveyancing Week was launched in March 2023 and, because of its success, National Conveyancing Week has returned this week running from Monday 11th to Friday 15th March.

Last year the week looked to promote the role conveyancers and property lawyers play in the sale and purchase of houses and flats and the benefits they deliver in terms of bringing together all the various pieces of the process to make transactions as easy as possible for those buying and selling.

This year National Conveyancing Week will again focus on informing people about how lawyers ensure buyers, sellers, agents, lenders and all the other people involved in a property transaction moving in the right direction. However, the week will also be used to educate, assist, motivate; and reassure would be conveyancer to encourage new entrants into this branch of the legal profession.

The National Conveyancing Week website explains why this is so needed:

“We continue to see more practitioners leaving the conveyancing profession at the top end than there are joining at the bottom end, and is it any wonder? The profile of conveyancing and conveyancers needs to improve. They are not the bad guys, in fact, quite the opposite, they help people buy their dream homes so that they can live in them and enjoy them as they should. And in these times of frauds and scams, they also make sure that the biggest purchase of their lives is carried out diligently.”

As well as hosting some in person events over the course of this week there are a number of free online resources those interested in National Conveyancing Week can access at any time, these include:

If you are planning to buy or sell your home, why not contact our own conveyancers who will explain how they will make sure your next property transaction goes as smoothly as possible.