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The Family Court will see court fees increase in May 2024

Families involved in proceedings at the Family Court will see court fees increase in May 2024.

The increases are the result of a government consultation launched in November 2023 and while the actual increases vary across the various types of court fees, the headline is the Government has suggested an increase of up to 10% on many fees.

The Ministry of Justice has justified the rise by saying:

“Implementing increases to court and tribunal fees is vital to our ongoing work to protect access to the courts for all those who seek justice.”

They added that court fees have not increased since 2021 and there is a need to make sure fees are keeping pace with the family courts’ increased running costs.  They also stated the higher revenues generated will be used to improve service, reduce the liability on the taxpayer and help to better subsidise the free services provided for less advantaged families by generating somewhere between £34 million and £42 million in extra revenue each year.

Which family court fees will increase in May?

The fee for child arrangements (court orders that set out how each parent will be responsible for the ongoing care of their children) will rise from £232 to £255.

Other child-related orders, including Specific Issue Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders and Special Guardianship Orders and applications for parental orders will the same increase.

The cost of an application for adoption and permission to apply for adoption will rise from £183 to £201.

A financial order application not by consent will increase to £303 from the existing fee which is  £275 fee.

Financial consent orders will see an increase to £58 from £53.

However, after consultation one fee that will not increase is the cost of a divorce/civil partnership dissolution application.  This will stay at £593.

It will still be possible for parties to apply to the Court for Help with Fees in certain circumstances.

If you require more detail, a complete list of all the increases and all the charges that will remain the same can be found on the government’s website.

If you are concerned about the impact the increases to family court fees in May might have on your family law proceedings or would like any other advice or assistance in family law matters, please contact one of our specialist family lawyers at Collins & Hoy today on 0208 866 1820.