Qualified and regulated Will writers in Pinner

Will writers in Pinner

When it comes to writing your Will, mistakes are not an option.  Even the smallest error could end up costing your family dearly.

This is why all of our Will writers in Pinner are qualified lawyers.  It means they are not only experienced but also regulated, professionally accountable and fully insured.

This is a standard a non-accredited Will writing service simply cannot match.

Why do I need a will?

While we appreciate your death is not a topic you will find comfortable to discuss, it is absolutely essential you have a valid Will.

Your Will dictates what happens to your money, your assets and your property and confirms who will make sure all of your wishes are carried out exactly as you want them to be.

Many people still believe your Estate will automatically be passed to your next of kin, but legally that is certainly not the case.  One simply cannot afford to let the court decide what happens as those closest to you could well miss out on what you want them to have.

More practically your Will can also prove useful for inheritance tax planning purposes as well as setting out how you would like your funeral to be carried out.

How do I make a Will?

Collins & Hoy’s Will writers in Pinner will meet you to have a detailed but informal chat about your particular situation.

We can host this meeting at our offices, at your home, in hospital or at your residential or nursing home depending on what is most convenient and most comfortable for you.

Our conversation will cover every aspect of your Estate (your financial and physical assets, your property, your savings and your pension).  More importantly it will cover how you would like your Estate to be divided in the event of your death.

However, to ensure your Will addresses all of the salient points we will also examine a number of more in-depth aspects including:

  • Appointing executors and trustees
  • The exact provisions you need to make for your children including appointing guardians should you die earlier than expected
  • The most effective ways to plan for the impact Inheritance Tax and other taxes could have on your estate
  • The future of any jointly-owned property

Once we have all of that information our Will writers in Pinner will draft a Will that accurately incorporates your Estate and your exact wishes.  We will give you total peace of mind that those most dear to you will be looked after in the way you want them to be when the time comes.

To arrange an appointment please call Jacqui Nicholls or Deniece Lines on 020 8866 1820 or email us at privateclient@collinshoy.com


If it is easier for you, you can meet us in West Hampstead or Harrow.