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OnlyMums & OnlyDads launch their Parenting Alliance

OnlyMums & OnlyDads was formed by Bob Grieg in 2007.

Having recognised there was a distinct lack of dependable on-line information and support for families going through divorce and separation, Bob’s mission was simple. He wanted to provide the best possible support for mums and dads struggling to make crucial decisions for their family during separation and divorce.

Since launching Bob and his co-director Rebecca Giraud have built up an unparalleled professional network for struggling parents, OnlyMums & Dads’ Family Law Panel.

This free and easy to use directory makes finding an experienced and reputable family solicitor or mediator easy.  It has proved to be an invaluable source of reference for many families over the years.  It is also an initiative Collins & Hoy has been proud to support and become an increasingly active member of.

On the 13th of May OnlyMums & OnlyDads will take a huge step forward by launching their Parenting Alliance.

The Parenting Alliance will bring parents, NGOs, support groups (including Place2Be, Relate, Black Mums Upfront, Voices in the Middle and Dad Info), charities and individuals together to promote a change in the UK culture around divorce and separation.

They want to ensure the focus is shifted from one that is often adversarial and family court-based to one based on greater adult communication and child-centricity so that children and young people are afforded greater protection should their parents decide to split.

The launch will be spearheaded by the #ParentsPromise.

Bob and Rebecca describe the #ParentsPromise as “a simple, positive commitment that parents can make to their children today in case of a relationship breakdown tomorrow” and ask all parents to have a ‘just in case’ conversation.

Their belief is that if UK society can start talking about separation rather than ignoring it until it directly affects them, children will be less affected if it were to happen to their family.

Bernadette Hoy, a partner in our Family Law team, is fully behind both the Patenting Alliance and the #ParentsPromise:

“As a member of OnlyMums & OnlyDads I have seen the amazing work they do and the way they provide professional support for struggling couples they would not otherwise have had access to.  The addition of the Parenting Alliance will only build on that good work and having seen the impact divorce has on children, I must applaud their foresight and their commitment.  Anything that makes the divorce process easier for young people has to be both supported and promoted.”

As a firm Collins & Hoy will continue to play an active role in supporting OnlyMums & OnlyDads and report on progress but if you would like to discuss anything related to your marriage or your family in total confidence, please email Bernadette.Hoy@collinshoy.com  or call Bernadette on 020 8866 1820.