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How can older and vulnerable people protect themselves against scams?

Every year millions of people across the UK fall victim to scams.  Many of them are amongst our older and most vulnerable citizens so how can older and vulnerable people protect themselves against scams?

According to Age UK, the seven most common types of scams are doorstep, mail, phone, email and online scams, relationship scams, identify theft and investment and pension scams.

Despite scams being designed to cheat people out of money, they also cause emotional distress. However, thanks to organisations like Age UK and Hourglass there are now some useful guides that will help prevent people from being scammed.

Age UK has put together this helpful guide on avoiding scams.  It also includes information on how to report a scam.

As well as contacting their bank, the guide advises victims to get in touch with Action Fraud (the centre for reporting fraud and internet crime in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) while those in Scotland should report any scams to Police Scotland.

This information was provided by Solicitors for the Elderly and if you have any concerns regarding safeguarding your personal financial assets and planning for the future, please contact our specialist SFE lawyers in our private client team today.