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We would like to introduce you to our new family lawyers in West Hampstead and St John’s Wood

We recently merged with specialist family law boutique, Karina Leapman & Co.  We would like to introduce you to our new family lawyers in West Hampstead and St John’s Wood starting with Karina Leapman herself.

Although Karina began her career as a commercial litigation lawyer in the city, she soon found herself working on family law cases amongst her other work.   Once she decided to set up her own firm, Karina realised it was the family cases she really enjoyed.  Karina made the decision to focus solely on family law and develop Karina Leapman & Co as a specialist family law firm in West Hampstead.

What Karina really enjoys about being a family lawyer is the personal aspect, how she can help people during what is likely to be the most emotional and upsetting time in their lives:

“ I love dealing with people, understanding their real life situations and the satisfaction of finding solutions for them – solutions which can reduce worry, bring clarity to where there may have been a lot of uncertainty and set people up for the future.”

Karina is also encouraged that the way family law is continuing to develop will provide even greater opportunities to help our clients:

“When I started out in family law many family lawyers were highly aggressive litigants and cases could be quite vicious. The mood has changed.  Family law has modernised with more understanding of long term harm to children which can become apparent years later, as well as the damage done to their parents and even to the extended family during and after a bitter family law battle. 

Today a more holistic and family focussed approach has developed which many more family lawyers follow.  As family lawyers, we can be proud of this.  The new no fault divorce is a sign of these changing and improving times and I look forward to a time, which I don’t think is too far away, where therapeutic input is the absolutely norm when families break up.”

And this desire to be better family lawyers, to make the separation process as comfortable as we  can for our clients brings us back to the reason we first began to discuss a possible merger.

We want to build the best team of modern, capable and highly professional family lawyers in West Hampstead and St John’s Wood, Pinner and Harrow.  A team driven by a shared desire to look after their clients thoughtfully and holistically and provide the highest quality legal advice with the highest levels of service.

Karina’s practice covers all areas of family law, with a particular focus on the financial aspects arising from relationship breakdown, whether by divorce or for couples living together.  If you would like to discuss your own situation with Karina, please email her or call her on 020 8866 1820.