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Collins & Hoy’s Family team is proud to support Resolution’s Good Divorce Week 2021

This year Resolution’s Good Divorce Week 2021 will run from the 29th November to the 3rd   December.

Collins & Hoy’s family team will be heavily involved.  We are very much looking forward to playing our part in kickstarting a national conversation about how parents can embrace a more child-focused approach to separation.

As experienced family lawyers we know children are often impacted hardest when their parents separate and the experience can prove one of the most challenging and impactful of their lives.  While this has always been the case, the pandemic has put everyone involved in a separation under even more pressure.

This is why Resolution has launched their Parenting Through Separation Guide.  This free resource contains information, advice and support to help parents in their parenting journey through separation, divorce and beyond.

Part of our role in Resolution’s Good Divorce Week 2021 will be to try and get the guide into the hands of as many separating families as we can.  The more we can share this invaluable information, the more families we can help can separate more amicably with the best interests of their children always at the forefront of their minds.

Finding the most child-focused approach to separation is a task we take very seriously at Collins & Hoy.  This is why we have invested in ensuring our family team includes a number of senior lawyers who are also experienced mediators.

If you’re not entirely sure what mediation is, it is a process that allows you and your spouse to discuss your financial settlement, your future childcare arrangements and all the other details relating to your divorce.  However, mediation allows you to have these conversations with the support of a trained and totally independent mediator rather than going through the courts.

You could think of mediation as a conversation that will help you work towards a more amicable resolution to what is always a highly emotive period in our lives and conversation has to be better for your children than litigation.

There are also more practical benefits.  Mediation allows you to take control.  You can direct your discussions toward the outcome you both want rather than leaving these crucial decisions to the courts.  It is also important to note that in many cases, mediation is also quicker and less expensive than going through the courts.

As we get closer to Resolution’s Good Divorce Week 2021 we will be sharing updates an information via our blog and our social media but, in the meantime, if you would like to discuss your own marital or family situation in confidence, please email Bernadette Hoy or Aisling Collins to set up an initial call.